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I'm a Megalomaniac, dude.

Age. 18
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Black
Location Somewhere, VA
School. Other
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Buncha Fuckin Jibberish
Davey Quote!!
"Hate Humanity? Yep, sure do. There's such a lack of responsibilty for one's actions in the world, a selfishness, and a great destruction in the way people live their lives. It's all instant gratification,and who cares how my instant gratification affects those around me, or on a small personal level or a global level. The way people treat eachother is truly disgusting, and we've created an environment through advances in science and technology that allows for a very septic society to thrive. And we breed and breed, and all the wrong people breed while all the right people don't wanna have children because they don't wanna place them in this world"
Lyrics of the day
Totalimmortal by AFI

Hope unknown. Sometimes just waking is surreal.
I walk right through the nameless ones.
I know that hope's unknown.
Sometimes the water feels so real.
As I walk through it fills my lungs, my god, I'm drowning.
This day never seems to end.
This pain, never.
This rage I will not let go.

I hear them calling.
I feel them gnawing out holes through flawless souls.

So alone. Sometimes I swear that I can hear the taunting of the voiceless ones.
I fear that I alone fear those who ceased to feel that they're alone inside this place.
I am the misplaced.
Now ever face, it looks familiar...
then every face would melt away until..
now everyone, do you know, I know your deception?


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My Current Playlist
- All That's Left
- Paper Tigers
- The Melting Point of Wax
- Under a Killing Moon
- Blood Clots and Black holes
- So Strange I Remeber You
- At A Glance
- Narrative of Soul Against Soul
- Fall Children
- Soap Box Derby
- Days of the Phoenix
- Wester
- Total Immortal
- The Despair Factor
Tsunami Bomb
- Breakaway
- Marionette
- Rotting Vampire Eyeballs
MXPX is tired of masturbating
Sunday. 10.19.03 10:56 am
Disorientation fuckin rocked. i loved it! it wasn't hard, but me and laura kept our asses right in the front. each and every band was amazing. seriously. switchfoot surprised me. i thought they were gonna be more mellow, but he was one of the only frontmen to jump out into the crowd (besides yellowcard), and when he tried to jump back on the stage, he came up short and slammed his waiste into the edge of the stage, i was like DAMN! i know they had to hurt. lol. but he kept goin. and the guitar/keyboard player from switchfoot, i was on his side of the stage, he looked down at me, i smiled, then he smiled back. i was like "awww!"

yellowcard came out after them, they were GOOD. i knew a lot of their songs. it was kinda funny at first to see a violin player jump around on stage, but it was cool, he had a lot of energy. and he was doin backflips off the drumset and stuff. the drummer looked cool too. it was the black or mixed dude with dreds and he colored the tips yellow and green it looked like. very cool.

after yellowcard, i believe andrew w.k. came out. and he was good. so much energy, so much positivity. he was great, and he let some of the audience members come on stage with him, including this cute lil boy who looked about 10 or something, and he was really rockin out, he knew all the words. it was cute. andrew kept slammin himself into the amps or whatever and kept punchin and kickin his way through the stage and swingin his hair, just like i thought he would. i loved it.

then MXPX came out. Oh... My... Gawd, they were amazing. i loved every single song they did. and they're drumset was multicolored. it was so cute. :) the lead singer had so much energy. laura couldn't keep her eyes off of him, she thought he was hot. lol! in one of their songs, they were talkin bout how they were tired of masturbating, i thought that was funny. then inbetween songs, they were talking about how they've been doin this for a long time and how they used to come to the flood zone. i remember that place. i never knew they performed there. i thought that was cool that they remembered that. they have a big fan following too, a lot of the crowd knew all the words to their songs. too bad i wasn't one of them. lol! cuz i think they're good.

after mxpx, we had to wait 45 minutes to see lit. and i kept seein the guitar player from lit walk off and on stage during the other band's set, (u know, the one with the blonde spikey hair and the long braided beard... yeah... THAT one) i was freakin out. lol! it was just unreal. so during the 45 min. wait for lit, story of the year was on the OTHER stage, and i wanted to see them so bad. :( but i didn't wanna lose my spot either.. which turned out for the best later on that night too. Lit fuckin blew me away. they're energy, they're jokes, the guitarist's badass attitude, with the cig and beer in his band inbetween songs. it was just great! they played all of their songs so well. they almost sound better live than on the cd. thats how much they fuckin rocked man. i loved it. then the lead singer, he jumped off stage, and walked all the way around the pavillion or whatever, jumped on top of the middle row (that was empty, cuz everyone was in the front or the back) then came back and they were talkin bout how this was their first show since they took their break and that this was their first time ever playin in richmond. i was like hell yeah we're makin history! lol!!!... but at the end of the set, the lead singer jumped down and shook selected peoples hands. i thought he was gonna go in the opposite direction of me, so i was rubbin his arm when he was shakin the hands of the ppl beside me, but it turns out he walked down in my direction and HE SHOOK MY HAND!!!!!!!!!! omg!!!!! lol... he grabbed his crotch on stage with that same hand too. hmm. wow. lol!!!! i was flippin. omg. seeing lit live only made me a bigger fan of them and mxpx. they were so great. i can't wait until they come to town again.

oh yeah, on another note that i thought was funny... laura was over my house the other day and i was playin a kid rock song back when he had lil jo c (sp?) and of course we all know lil jo died, and when laura heard lil jo's voice she started cryin. lmao!!! it was cute but it was funny cuz i didn't actually expect her to CRY. awwwww. its ok laura! :)

Hell fuckin yea!
Damn last night kicked major ass! OMFG-we saw Andrew WK!! :-D big smiles for that! and yea we rubbed and shook hands with the lead singer of LIT! Hell YEA! Damn I cant wait to get my pix today omg! :o) :o) :o) And yes I did cry hearin joe c. i cried at the aerosmith/kid rock concert last yr cause they had this lil thing for him it was sad. but anyway! i am still like WOW! and i cant hear out my left ear lmao! well i gotta go to work and get my pix developed. :o) love ya girl MWAH!
Love2Laugh on 2003-10-19 02:29:05

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