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I'm a Megalomaniac, dude.

Age. 18
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Black
Location Somewhere, VA
School. Other
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Buncha Fuckin Jibberish
Davey Quote!!
"Hate Humanity? Yep, sure do. There's such a lack of responsibilty for one's actions in the world, a selfishness, and a great destruction in the way people live their lives. It's all instant gratification,and who cares how my instant gratification affects those around me, or on a small personal level or a global level. The way people treat eachother is truly disgusting, and we've created an environment through advances in science and technology that allows for a very septic society to thrive. And we breed and breed, and all the wrong people breed while all the right people don't wanna have children because they don't wanna place them in this world"
Lyrics of the day
Totalimmortal by AFI

Hope unknown. Sometimes just waking is surreal.
I walk right through the nameless ones.
I know that hope's unknown.
Sometimes the water feels so real.
As I walk through it fills my lungs, my god, I'm drowning.
This day never seems to end.
This pain, never.
This rage I will not let go.

I hear them calling.
I feel them gnawing out holes through flawless souls.

So alone. Sometimes I swear that I can hear the taunting of the voiceless ones.
I fear that I alone fear those who ceased to feel that they're alone inside this place.
I am the misplaced.
Now ever face, it looks familiar...
then every face would melt away until..
now everyone, do you know, I know your deception?


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My Current Playlist
- All That's Left
- Paper Tigers
- The Melting Point of Wax
- Under a Killing Moon
- Blood Clots and Black holes
- So Strange I Remeber You
- At A Glance
- Narrative of Soul Against Soul
- Fall Children
- Soap Box Derby
- Days of the Phoenix
- Wester
- Total Immortal
- The Despair Factor
Tsunami Bomb
- Breakaway
- Marionette
- Rotting Vampire Eyeballs
Its been a while
Sunday. 11.30.03 9:47 pm
Whaddup kids, its me again. i know its been a while, i've been so tired lately. I recently went to Nags Head, i know its cold now, but it was back when the weather was acting crazy and it was actually a warm day. it was really nice down there. it was my first time there, i had went with laura. i spent the night over her house and then we left the next day around 8 in the morn and got there around 11 i believe and didn't leave there til like 6. and with my luck, my fat ass fell in the water and got my jeans completely wet. lol! laura was rollin and then she decided to get wet with me. :-P that girl got soaked from head to toe... i won't about to do all that. lol. i was just wet from about the shoulders down. before we left, laura showed me these huge sand dunes they have down there. it used to be a golf course, but somehow it got completely covered with sand and now they're dunes. lol! me and laura rolled down one of the bigger ones, it was fun as hell. we did it about 2 or three times. lol! we were like 'ok, and how old are we again?... 8? oh ok' lol! i can't wait til my fuckin birthday so i can have my license and so i can get my car. i'm gonna be visiting people like crazy then. lol. i know i'm gonna visit Laura (that's a given) Samika, Termaine (probably the most), Jessica, Gabe, Brit and probably Henry. i was talkin to him the other night and he was tellin me bout how he's gonna get his license right after his birthday which is December 7th. he told me that i was gonna be one of the first ppl he visits... yeah right... lol! but whatever. i dunno what to get folks for christmas. Samika came into the pharmacy and told me that she was gonna get me somethin for christmas and i was like 'oh lord ANOTHER person i'm gonna have to get a gift for" lol.... but i know what samika likes me and her got the same style so it won't be hard shopping for her. i'm prolly gonna get her something from old navy. a cute shirt or something. i'll prolly get termaine a shirt too, i dunno what to get everybody else. especially t.j. his ass his hard shoppin for, cuz i'm not familiar with that digimon shit he's into. lol. i told my folks all i want are dvds and cds. i don't really want much this year for some reason. but i did buy myself a few presents on Old Navy.com. :) lol! what can i say, i love clothes. some of the girls at work try to call me a young Tyra Banks just because i'm one of the more "stylish" ppl there i guess u could say. lol. i was like 'ha! i'm nowhere near a tyra banks." lol. but the day before thanksgiving at work was actually decent for once, it was actually fun because we hardly had any customers and we all just got to chill. i was up front most of the night with Luke, Ryan and Trevor. they're some crazy ass boys. they were so excited for beach week... they're seniors in high school, so yeah, theyre havin fun this year. Oh yeah, hopefully i'll be seeing Yellowcard again on December 9th at AlleyKatz... i hope Ryan decides to go, i didn't see him at Disorientation, i'm mad at him cuz he got to meet Story of the Year at Disorientation and i really wanted to see them. :( ah well... i heard MTV2 is gonna be at the Yellowcard show too. so this should be pretty cool. and omg Linkin Park, P.O.D., Story of the Year (i think) and some other bands are gonna tour together this year and they're gonna be in fairfax, va.! omg. i'd love to see that. Linkin Park AND P.O.D.!? that's gonna be one of the best concerts of 2004 besides Incubus. :)

whats up? yea, i want to see linkin park. that will be cool!!!
» djjester on 2004-01-18 11:14:39

So Where'd ya go?
» lyndeep on 2007-05-12 12:15:03

You will not make it.
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